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Easy to use - VEGETBALANCE

Fitness. Regain a sense of well-being

Back to 100% performance and fitness –
naturally and without any pain or side effects!

Do you also have the vague feeling of wanting to simply get more out of your body and your fitness but being unable to? You would like to truly be 100% top-performing, resilient, physically fit and energetic! Who wouldn’t want that? But no pain, no gain! Sweat in the form of an intensive training session stands before your success, for a start. This training session is usually accompanied by severely aching muscles or the like. How ideal it would be here to have a simple aid for faster recovery!

This help exists – the solution is VEGETBALANCE. Galvanic fine current therapy.

Required product packages:

  • Basic package Therapro or
  • Basic package Home

Recommended additional packages:

  • Shoulder/neck
  • Back
  • Regeneration
Fitness, Workout, Regeneration - VEGETBALANCE

You, as a trainer or therapist, support your customers’ natural regeneration with VEGETBALANCE through the optimized and individual treatment following training. With the VEGETBALANCE treatment, you additionally set yourself apart as a fitness studio or personal trainer with a A-1 service. This directly boosts the positive image of your personal performance.

The galvanic fine current can strengthen self-healing powers, improve circulation and have a generally regenerating and harmonizing effect. Natural, free of side effects, and cost-effective.

Revenue-enhancing for you as a professional

For daily use in your fitness studio, we recommend the professional device VEGETBALANCE Therapro. It allows you to cover the greatest possible range of applications! For example, a maximum current of 6000 µA can be set and the device offers multiple connection options for attaching the electrodes according to individual customer needs. In this way, you have the additional advantage of treating several body sites simultaneously during a session – and this saves time.

We are also pleased to offer you, as an expert, special rates for resale to your customers.

Strength-enhancing for you as an athlete

Significantly increase training results – anywhere and always easily! The VEGETBALANCE Home is a smart hand-held device which you can continue to use at home on your own. VEGETBALANCE is easy to operate, even for non-experts. The operating instructions provide application examples which are described in detail and easy to understand.

Additional info for professional customers

Learn more about the VEGETBALANCE devices and the corresponding accessories on our website and register in the professional customer login area where you can find helpful tips and case histories.

Paket Entspannung, Regeneration für den Bereich Fitness - VEGETBALANCE

Sample electrode application: Electrode band on the neck and silicone electrode.