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A variety of effects - VEGETBALANCE

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Do you find it difficult to shake off stress, concentrate, and simply slow down a bit? Our fast-paced world and pressure to succeed at work or in our personal lives is an agonizing basic problem. We rightly all search for beneficial relaxation and an opportunity to slow down – pure wellness. How ideal it would be to have a simple way to escape stress and pressure faster and over the long term!

There is a successful way – VEGETBALANCE.

The use of the galvanic fine current with the aid of the VEGETBALANCE can provide fully natural support in reducing overwhelming stress and successfully recuperating.

The body’s self-healing powers can be activated and the detoxification and also purification of the body can also be stimulated. Inner peace sets in. Through the balancing effect in the nervous system, there is a body-strengthening effect in addition to physical recovery.

Why not? Indulge yourself or your customers with the holistic effect of VEGETBALANCE. Whether during a galvanic full bath or the treatment of individual areas of the body. Success is the goal!

Required product packages:

  • Basic package Therapro or
  • Basic package Home

Recommended additional packages:

  • Shoulder/neck
  • Back
  • Relaxation
Galvanisches Vollbad für den Bereich Wellness - VEGETBALANCE

Sample electrode application: Neck electrode and silicone electrode = relaxing and detoxifying effect.

Beneficial relaxation - VEGETBALANCE

Revenue-enhancing for you as a wellness professional

For daily use in your wellness area or studio, we recommend the professional device VEGETBALANCE Therapro. It allows you to cover the greatest possible range of applications! For example, a maximum current of 6000 µA can be set and the device offers multiple connection options for attaching the electrodes according to individual customer needs. In this way, you have the additional advantage of treating several body sites simultaneously during a session – and this saves time.

We are pleased to offer you, as an expert, special rates for resale to your customers.

Relaxation for you as a wellness connoisseur

Combat stress, find inner peace – anywhere and always easily! The VEGETBALANCE Home is a smart hand-held device which you can continue to use at home on your own. VEGETBALANCE is easy to operate, even for non-experts. The operating instructions provide application examples which are described in detail and easy to understand.

Additional information for professional customers

Learn more about the VEGETBALANCE devices and the corresponding accessories on our website and register in the professional customer login area where you can find helpful tips and case histories.