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Regain a sense of well-being.

Easily and to the fullest extent – now possible for you!

Back to more joy of living, vitality and well-being.
100% natural and completely free of side effects!

How is that possible?

VEGETBALANCE helps you in a simple, easy way and nearly everywhere and is oriented strictly to your body! It is nature in its purest form: Regenerate-relieve-strengthen-relax using galvanic fine current. Fast help, naturally and completely free of side effects – a valuable recipe from nature! Because our body is fundamentally effectively controlled and regulated by its own bioelectrical currents.

Therapy with VEGETBALANCE relies on this gentle, natural – but highly effective – principle. It uses a vibration-free, even-flowing fine current which largely corresponds to these natural currents and it does not interfere in the nature of the body. You will feel this quickly and pleasantly at all times.

Possible positive effects of galvanic fine current:

  • Boosts self-healing powers

  • Optimizes metabolism

  • Improves circulation

  • Detoxifies and purifies

  • Promotes wound healing

  • Has a generally regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

  • Stimulates the formation of nerves, blood and cells

  • Vitalizing for inactive cells and deposits in the joints

  • Stimulates glandular activity

  • Harmonizes and vitalizes the organism

  • Removes blockages in the flow of energy

  • Balances electrolyte levels

  • Improves nerve conduction and has a balancing effect in the nervous system

  • Supports the healing process in the case of burns

  • Firms skin and has a positive effect on connective tissue (cellulite)

Professionelles Therapiegerät Therapro - VEGETBALANCE

Assurance of professional users

Physicians, alternative practitioners and therapists successfully use the gentle treatment method of galvanic fine current, whether for long-awaited relief of pain symptoms or the comprehensive regeneration of the body during their patients’ time of physical and mental stress. VEGETBALANCE also helps active substances in, for example, pain-relieving ointments, skin-firming creams and the like to penetrate into the affected tissue quickly and deeply (iontophoresis).

Are you familiar with this? Do you, for example, have unpleasant muscle pain after fitness training but still want to boost training results more quickly? Now VEGETBALANCE can be a valuable helper for you!

By now, countless numbers of fitness trainers no longer want to go without the beneficial properties of VEGETBALANCE. Whether to naturally boost their clients’ performance and training results – in addition to training – or optimize regeneration noticeably as well as faster.

Are you familiar with this? Do you find skin-firming BOTOX treatment to be unnatural? Now VEGETBALANCE can bring about a noticeable and positive change for you!

Galvanic fine current has already found its way into the beauty and wellness fields. Firm and youthful skin – who wouldn’t want that?! Forget BOTOX and the like! By using VEGETBALANCE, you provide a natural treatment to your customers, completely free of side effects.

Therapiegerät Home - VEGETBALANCE

Can also be used by non-experts

Can be easily used anywhere and by anyone! Can be performed successfully and not just by professionals – the VEGETBALANCE Home Kit is easy to operate and thus also allows the non-expert patient or user to perform treatments on him- or herself over the long term – anywhere, at any age, and whenever he or she wants. There are no resultant subsequent costs and this speaks in favor of a system which is truly fit for daily use.

Regain a sense of well-being!
VEGETBALANCE – a promising system all around.