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For sure. Regain a sense of well-being

Comprehensive help. Simple application. Cost-effective!

Do you feel that you’re simply not at the peak of your performance? Perhaps your vibrancy and resilience seem worth of improvement to you? Are you harboring secret wishes (for improvement) regarding a youthful appearance? You’re not alone in these thoughts!

Perhaps you’re familiar with this:
Do you have pain?
Do you feel tired, stressed, tense?
Would you like to look fresher, healthier?
Would you like to optimize your workout and shorten regeneration time?

VEGETBALANCE can provide you with support here – the galvanic fine current device.

Valuable help in various areas of life

VEGETBALANCE can be used versatilely and it reliably supports you in various areas of life – whether at home, at a hobby, at work or when on the go. For the professional user, VEGETBALANCE is an indispensable support and provides immensely valuable help. That provides you with assurance! The application is easy even for non-professionals. The fact that there are no consumption costs here is noteworthy, however for us, this is a natural, fundamental approach of our philosophy.

Naturally natural

The tried-and-true method of galvanic fine current therapy can activate the body’s self-healing powers naturally and it is used for the supportive treatment of pain, for regeneration and in the cosmetic field.

Benefits of treatment with VEGETBALANCE:

  • completely free of side effects

  • painless and safe

  • can be used anywhere

  • suitable for all ages

  • easy to operate

The sensors can be used selectively on the entire body

Umfassende Hilfe bei Rückenschmerz Behandlung - VEGETBALANCE

Sample electrode application: Adhesive electrodes for back discomfort (can be used in parallel bilaterally).