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Natural effect - VEGETBALANCE

Natural. Regain a sense of well-being

Natural mode of action.
Natural like your body!

What could be better than a bit of nature? What could be more intelligent than improving these natural mechanisms further and having them serve people? Therapy with galvanic fine current is based on tried-and-true knowledge which has been confirmed through modern investigational methods and various experiences with patients in clinical practice. We are talking about science.

Our body is controlled and regulated by its own bioelectrical currents. It always has been – and ideally!

The use of VEGETBALANCE involves the application of a vibration-free, even-flowing fine current which largely corresponds to these natural currents and it does not interfere in the nature of the body. You hardly notice the currents during application but you will notice their effects in an even clearer sense of well-being! And these effects are long-lasting.

A beneficial wonder

The self-healing powers of the body can be activated by fine current. This occurs through the charge transfer of the ions in the tissue. Here, the electrochemical composition of the cells and tissue is returned “to the original ideal state.” Natural, important metabolic processes are activated as a result. Obstructions and blockages which are caused, for example, by inflammation, deposits or mental stress, can be improved or even removed as a result. The natural elimination of waste products and deposits can also be stimulated. The use of VEGETBALANCE can have a relaxing and invigorating effect at the same time. Everything based on the real, natural mechanism. VEGETBALANCE – a bit of good nature.

An ancient discovery, newly discovered and taken even further

The foundation for the development of galvanic fine current therapy was laid with the discovery made by Luigi Galvani (Italian physiologist, 1745-1798) of the creation of electrical current through contact electricity.

In galvanic fine current therapy, the person forms an electrical circuit with the fine current device. By applying the positive and negative terminal (with electrodes) to the body, a connection with the battery is established and the galvanic direct current can flow through the corresponding area of the body. And it does its good.

The maximum current of the VEGETBALANCE Home is 2000 µA.

In the case of the VEGETBALANCE Therapro (therapeutic device for clinical practice), a maximum current of 6000 µA can be set.

A fine distinction

This fine current should not be confused with so-called stimulation currents, TENS, interference currents and galvanotherapy in which, generally, currents with different frequencies are used. The galvanic fine current is a fully vibration-free – more natural, so to speak – current.