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With a system. Regain a sense of well-being

Supplemental products

Think of the VEGETBALANCE as a system. Along with the basic devices VEGETBALANCE Home or Therapro, there are other highly effective products available to you. They will help you reach your goals even faster and according to your individual wishes. Combining the devices provides reinforcement for the respective treatment.

Additional products from the Institut Dr. Rilling GmbH and the Institut Dr. Rilling Healthcare GmbH:

Silicium PLUS und Silicium PRIME - VEGETBALANCE

Supporting cosmetic products for a healthy and fresh appearance:

Dr. Rilling Healthcare – SILICIA

The active substance silica helps firm skin and has a positive effect on the connective tissue. Through the effect of iontophoresis (medical procedure for the uptake of medicinal products through the skin using a weak direct current), the uptake of silica is increased and it can be even more effective in deep regions of the skin.

The external effect can be enhanced even further by taking SILICIUM PLUS or SILICIUM PRIME capsules.

More information available at: www.rilling-healthcare.de


Supplemental product in the area of stimulation current therapy:

Institut Dr. Rilling – VEGETHARMONY and VEGETMED

Class IIa medical device

Therapeutic devices for the treatment of acute and chronic pain and for muscle stimulation through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Electromedical stimulation current therapy.