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Easy to use - VEGETBALANCE

Totally straightforward. Regain a sense of well-being.

Supportive pain treatment, regeneration and wellness – very easy, wherever and whenever.

The nice thing about it: the VEGETBALANCE devices can be easily used by anyone – even without a medical background. Thanks to detailed, intuitive operating instructions for the application options and examples, the devices can be used right away. Any time and wherever you want!

The VEGETBALANCE devices can be used anywhere. Beyond the one-time purchase costs, there are no other consumption costs.

A variety of application examples

You will see: very easy! The following applies, in principle: a) the positive terminal (anode – red) has a soothing and pain-relieving effect and b) the negative terminal (cathode – black) has a refreshing and stimulating effect. The current always flows from the positive terminal to the negative terminal.

Very easy to use - VEGETBALANCE

To achieve a calming effect, what is known as a descending current is applied. Here the electrodes are applied such that the positive terminal (red) is placed on the painful site and the negative terminal (black) is placed on another site on the body. When the upper body is treated, conduction takes place through the negative terminal (black) generally via an electrode in the left or right hand.

In treatment starting at the middle of the body, conduction should take place via the feet. It is also possible to place the negative terminal near the positive terminal, however not directly on the painful site. There are no strict rules regarding placement.

Application examples with information on the electrodes used and the attachment on the body can be found in detail in the operating instructions. There you will also find some examples from the area of supportive pain treatment, regeneration, and wellness.